Corporate History

Contact: Manfred F. Schmidt

JULY 2014

PermaCorp Group of Companies Inc.

Corporate History

The PermaCorp Group began as PermaRail Manufacturing in March 2000 in a small, 2,100 square foot commercial bay in Leduc, Alberta.

There was a classified ad in the local paper for aluminum extrusions, equipment, and tools which were buried in a snow pile on an acreage near Devon, Alberta. After a short discussion and a quick decision, these items became our humble beginnings. All of the items were loaded onto a trailer and Norm started to set up shop while Manfred, with some industry contacts, put the company's sales and marketing into motion. PermaRail was officially launched during the March 2000 Edmonton Home and Garden Show with a PermaRail booth and display. With no previous production or product sales experience, PermaRail was able to immediately secure firm orders to start production based on the reputation, integrity and relationship building of it's founders. PermaRail Manufacturing Ltd was incorporated on April 20, 2000.

In 2001, PermaRail relocated to a 5,000 square foot facility in South Edmonton and established ProSource Industrial Solutions as the official distribution entity for aluminum extrusions and castings. In 2003 PermaCoat Industries was added as the powder coating division with its own 5,000 square foot facility. All three divisions working together providing value added products and services, resulted in new customer relationships and strong market momentum.

As we entered 2005, the need for additional space became the limiting factor for growth. An 18,000 square foot facility in the east part of Edmonton was purchased. All three divisions were relocated and consolidated at this location.

New products and project sizes resulted in growth of the customer base in all divisions. PermaCorp developed a reputation for high quality products, reliable performance, project deliverables, manufacturing, and service competency.

January 2007, the corporate name was changed to PermaCorp Group of Companies Inc. The company sold their property and purchased a 110,000 square foot facility in West Edmonton. 45,000 square feet were destined for the consolidated production and manufacturing operations of all divisions.

In 2008, the company secured a very large steel production project through PCL Construction for the Edmonton International Airport expansion; resulting in the creation of PermaCorp PC-Structural Division.

In the fall of 2008, the company made it's first corporate purchase acquiring Denstor and Wilcor Systems; renaming this company to ProSpace Solutions to bring consistency to the corporate brand of companies.

PermaCorp established a local office in the Toronto, Ontario for Eastern Canada in 2009.

In 2010, PermaCorp acquired the assets and distribution business of MCA Mobile in Calgary and consolidated it's products and manufacturing operations with their ProSpace Division in Canada. SpacePro Manufacturing was also estabilished in Dickson, Tennessee for the production of mobile storage systems for the USA market.

August 2013, the PermaCorp Group acquired RazorLine water cutting and design in Acheson, Alberta.

March 2014, PermaCorp sold their interest in SpacePro Manufacturing to Tennsco.

May 2014, PermaCorp acquired Silverline Powder Coating and Blasting in Airdire, Alberta

July 2014, PermaCorp acquired Star Railings in Red Deer, Alberta.

Today the PermaCorp Group of Companies is considered an industry leader in:

The PermaCorp Group has 5 Canadian Locations, 70 of the best managers and employees in business, the ability to secure contracts with values up to $5.0M and provides a track record of consistent yearly growth exceeding 20%.

The PermaCorp Group of Companies

Through their global presence and decades of market experience, The PermaCorp Group of Companies consists of a connected group of business entities that is continually working together to deliver on their Lasting Choice Solutions™ product and service philosophy. Through innovation and a relentless commitment to deliver products and services that set the standard for reliability and durability, the PermaCorp Group of Companies is a recognized leader within the manufacturing, commercial, pages and industrial construction market.

The PermaCorp Group of Companies consists of PermaRail— Manufacturing Permanent Metal Products , PermaCoat — Lasting Choice ™ Protective Powder Coatings, ProSource — Distribution and Supply Chain Management, ProSpace — Business Productivity and Space Efficiency Solutions, and RazorLine — Water Cutting and Punching Solutions.

For more information on the PermaCorp Group of Companies or any of the individual PermaCorp business entities, please contact Manfred Schmidt at 1.888.514.9140 or visit