Powder Coating

PermaCoat's industry leading powder coating coating can be applied to galvanized metal, stainless steel, steel, and aluminum items. In addition to standard powder coating, thermoplastic coating is also available.

For more information on the benefits of powder coating over traditional liquid coating, refer to the FAQ.


  • Powder coated finishes are much more durable than standard paint finishes that come on trucks, cars, SUVs, ATVs etc. from the factory. Powder coating automotive items such as rims, bumpers, frames, and wheels can add years to the life of the component.

  • In Edmonton and the rest of Canada, furniture, gates, railings, and other items left outside take a beating. Powder coating items such as these with a salt resistant finish can keep them looking pristine for many years. Worn exterior items can be restored and given new life with a powder coating treatment. Powder coating is much more resistant to UV rays, corrosion, wear-and-tear, scratching, rusting, and fading compared to a traditional liquid paint.

  • When finish quality, texture, and colour are key to the finished appearence of a metal object, powder coating is far superior to a traditional liquid paint. Powder coating retains gloss, weather resistance, and appearance for many years.

  • Essentially any type of metal product can be powder coated. In order to determine if powder coating is appropriate for your application, please contact us.

  • PermaCoat has three large ovens, giving the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Material up to 45 feet in length can be powder coated.

  • Over 400 colours are available to choose from. These colours can be mixed to create custom effects. Visit the Resources section for powder coating colour catalogs.

  • Due to the nature of powder coating, it is significantly more eco-friendly in comparison to liquid coating:

    • Releases next to zero volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
    • Excess powder can be reused. Resulting in almost no wasted material
  • Standard turnaround time for powder coating is 3-5 business days. A rush, overnight service is also available when required.